To Logan on his 8-month “heavenaversary”

Dear LogieBear

I was looking at your 3d scan pics this morning, you looked like such a happy baby. Everyone who had the pleasure of meeting you says you had such a pleasant demeanour – despite the pain you must have been in (I hope you sibling gets that fighting spirit from you) I miss you a lot this week angel and can’t seem to think of you without getting all misty eyed.

If they were able to save you you would be eight months old now and I can’t help but wonder who you would take after, whose eyes do you have? whose smile? would you be a grouch in the morning like your dad? or suffer from a midday slump like your mom? I wonder if you grew up would you and your sibling  have been a terrible two-some getting into mischief together or would you always be fighting and have to be separated (like me and your uncle).

It looks like you’ll have a little sister in a couple of months and its sad that she will never get to know you ๐Ÿ™
but thanks to you I know we will appreciate her more, we will be better parents and will envelope her in love and I know this baby will be extra special as she has an angel for a big brother ๐Ÿ™‚

I miss you angel, now and forever

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