Yummy Mini Frittata recipe

If you ever find yourself in a “what to cook when I actually have no real ingredients to speak of” type predicament, this mini frittata recipe is just for you.


It’s ideal for a Saturday morning before going shopping or the end of the month before you can actually go shopping, in other words it’s ideal to use up all those bits and pieces in your fridge and as the recipe is so easy to adapt it is pretty easy to find “your own way” to make these yummy MINI FRITTATAS This is my way:



6 eggs  (yes there are 5 in my picture, oops)

Filling:  I cooked a little frozen stir-fry mix (chopped it up in blender to get smaller pieces)
country sausages (bacon works great too)
cheese (I had bits and pieces left from the woolies taster box but you can use your favourite)


Pre-heat oven to 180 degrees
mix everything together
pour into greased baking tray
bake for 8-12 minutes or until puffed and golden

Best enjoyed straight out of oven, yummmmmy 🙂

Other ingredients that make great fillings:

Mushrooms, spinach , left over chicken, lunch meat, anything really.

This mini frittata recipe also works super well for a low carb diet and as a pre-prepared lunch time treat.



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