Twinkle twinkle little diy bunting

Hey all!!! I’m so chipper today, it’s because it’s my off day you see. 

But seriously It’s day two of the challenge and this time we do a nursery rhyme I am very familiar with… (mostly because my kid sings it in various voices the whooooole day)
Also who the heck knew this was the full lyrics? not me!

What I decided on is star bunting for Aidan’s room. He has plain white blinds and I was looking for a way to cheer it up a little and this is what I came up with…

It actually took me three days (not continuously hehehe , there is just lots of drying to do) it took me like 10 minutes a day so it’s actually quite quick


For the first step I needed air dry clay, a straw and a star cookie cutter

Kneed the dough and roll it out

Cut out 7  stars

Use the straw to punch out holes then leave to dry overnight


Chose paint colours and paint your stars with acrylic paint (preferably four one colour three another, but it is up to you really) then leave to dry

 DAY 3

Cut four longish (20cm) pieces of string and four shorter (15cm), also cut one the length you want your entire bunting to be

Attach the pieces of string to the stars then start in the center of the long rope
and attach evenly  (short long, short long)


what do you think?


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