Find out how to make a finger puppet from felt

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Want to make a cute finger puppet? Well a friend of mine, Mechelle,  is a wiz with felt, she made Aidan a set of finger puppets for Christmas and he LOVES THEM – It is really so great for imagination play. I posted the picture above on instagram and received requests for a tutorial.

Lucky for me Mechelle found time in between raising three beautiful girls, working and studying to do a quick how to for us… (next I’ll ask her how she makes gummy berry juice because I can’t imagine where else she gets the energy from)

Mechelle made a little lamb finger puppet for this tutorial, but the how to is pretty interchangeable, just let your imagination run wild

What you will need to create your own finger puppet:


  • white cotton
  • white, grey and black felt,
  • googly eyes (the ones you can sew on)
  • scissors
  • material glue
  • and a steady hand

What you need to do: 


Cut out the pieces – For this particular puppet you will need:

  • Two white body pieces (think giant thumbs)
  • two little grey ears
  • a grey oval shape for the face
  • a cloud shape for wool



Step two: sew that body together! You can use a sewing machine or do it by hand. I have three children, so I’ll be using the sewing machine.



Step three: take a break and sort the kiddies out… then glued the ears to the body. We have experimented with biology, so you will know where these go.



Step four: paste the wool part on top of those ears.


Step five: sew eyes on to the face!!


Then: apply  a bit of “wool” to the face for added cuteness. Then glue on the face. Lastly glue on the nose and mouth.

Yay the little ones can enjoy themselves by singing, Mary had little lamb.

Enjoy your five seconds of peace with a glass of wine. 😘


A big giant thank you to my buddy Mechelle for the tutorial 🙂

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