We were chocoholix in St Francis Bay

We found a place called Chocoholix in St Francis Bay and it’s totally #teammeyers approved

On Sunday we went for a drive, I had an errand to run in St Francis bay but due to miscommunication we ended up in St Francis Bay for no real reason, that’s when Rob saw the sign for Chocoholix and said, “we are here anyways, why not pop in”

I am not one who needs to be heavily pressured into chocolate fueled situations so in we went.


1. Decor and vibe

This quaint little chocolate shop is fresh, open and inviting. You step through the first section where you can buy chocolate by weight (lead me not into temptation – I left with a box) into a breezy little Cafe. It’s not very big but it is open and friendly (is that a decor term?). They also have a kiddies play area which Aidan approved of. It’s not very big but has an inflatable pool filled with balls so it got Aidan’s vote.

2. Service

We actually stayed because of the service. You guys know I am all about vibes and the owner/manager gives off such lovely vibes. We stepped in for some artisanal Belgian chocolate and ended up staying for a chocolate fuelled breakfast. Cindeez (I found an article about them) was lovely, she was really nice to Aidan (I’m sorry if you are rude to my kid, you loose many points – you don’t need to pander to him, but be nice and answer his questions) she didn’t even flinch at his order of plain waffles and milk.

3. Food

They have a nice breakfast menu but when in a place called chocoholix for the first time you have to order chocolate… That’s in the foodie handbook, I’m sure. I ordered a Belgian waffle for Aidan and I to share, a little bowl of stewed spiced apples for me and melted “white chocolate” for Aidan. The waffle came with ice-cream. It was so good Aidan cleaned his plate which he rarely does not even of sweets. They have a selection of sundaes and Rob went for the knickerbocker glory which is massive can I just say… We had frozen drinks mine was apple and ginger and Rob went for the lemonade… Soooo good (seriously this is not sponsored its just that good). The family across from us ordered the house speciality which is a pot of melted chocolate, you then choose things to dip in…it took all I have not to stare.

4. Price

It’s not the the least expensive place I’ve ever eaten, but it’s pretty average for artisanal items and  every bite was worth it. Our bill came to around R350 and that is including a box of hand made speciality chocolate which we do not regret for a minute. Soooo yum.

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