Afri true curl power hydrating gel vs creme

I have a quick Afri true curl power comparison for you guys based on it being the styling product of choice for both my mom and I at the moment: while I’m a gel girl my mom goes for the creme.

A friend asked me what the difference was (can’t tell you how many DMs I get about hair products when really my knowledge is very trial and error) so I thought I’d answer her and anyone else who might be curious.


The containers are practically identical. Which is how I accidentally ended up with creme instead of gel in the first place. The creme is fresh smelling and white while the gel is more pinky orange with a similar smell


They are both sulphate and paraben free but while the gel has shea butter, coconut oil and glycerine to add moisture the creme ups the ante by adding soybean oil and vitamin b5

What are they recommended for:

Afri true curl power curl creme is recommended for elongated, stretchy curls and waves while the gel is for twists and coils

Why I prefer the gel:

At my hairs current length I need hold, because I can’t really tie it up and the back needs to be little curls. I need something that will last and that is what the gel gives me…. I’m able to do my hair once a week and still have curl definition. With the creme I look great on day one but on day two the wash and go is a no go. The only issue I have is that it is very possible to put on too much and have flaking or stiff deadlock looking coils (I did a review of the hydrating gel)

Why my mom prefers the creme:

My mom is a transitioning natural and relies on twist outs and braid outs. She likes being able to wash her hair do a flat braid under her scarf and that’s her styling done… She undoes it and has pretty waves. The creme gives  her the definition without the stiffness and scrunch and leaves her hair feeling soft….

So when it comes to Afri true curl power or any other range really are you a gel or a creme person?

I recon as my hair gets longer I might become a mix gel and creme girl

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