What a long road we have traveled…

So this weekend Aidan went to Logan’s grave for the first time.
No I don’t have some freaky “morbid need” for them to “play together” we just like to check that things are still okay and this time we took Aidy with…he was super comfy there and it tugged at my heartstrings seeing him put his hand by the etched hand of his brother..
We don’t take flowers to Logan’s grave-prefer to leave a little toy,replacing it when it gets destroyed/stolen- and funny thing is, Aidy didn’t even try to play with the toy plane which was placed to mark 2years…instead he just played with the gravel…
Technically we were at the cemetery for my aunt though…it was unveiling of her gravestone and standing there reminded me of how she was diagnosed with cancer around about the time I found out I was pregnant and how she tried to hold on to meet Aidan. That was not meant to be though and Aidan was born the eve of her funeral……Life can be so dramatic sometimes.
She’s out of pain now though, and for that I am glad(although I miss her deeply) and I knw she is with us in spirit as this coming weekend we celebrate Aidan’s first birthday.
Aidan celebrating his first birthday fills my heart with soooo much Joy! Who knew a broken heart could love this hard…


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