When we first met – your next Netflix must see

I’ve watched Odette pick of the week twice and probably could again…

(Odette Parfitt) My research in picking a movie to review has shown me that the majority of Netflix’s movies are rom-coms – buuuut who doesn’t like light viewing when you’re not allowed to leave the house?

When We First Met (2018)

Basic plot: Noah is in love with his friend Avery (which, side note, is
a cool name), but she is marrying someone else. Through a magical photobooth (sure, why not) he travels back in time so he can win her over
before he gets friend-zoned and she meets her now-fiance.

How it was (probably) pitched to the producers: It’s kind of like
Groundhog Day, except instead of a small snowy town our hero gets stuck
going to the same lame Halloween party over and over.

–       Adam Devine is one of my favourite dorky leads, mostly because of his
sheer range of facial expressions
–       His reaction to finding out he can time travel is perfectly
appropriate and I have been waiting for a character to be excited about
this for years
–       Avery’s judgey best friend is the best part of this movie
–       It’s refreshing that Avery’s fiancé, who is the default rival to the
main character, isn’t a d-bag (actually, he is probably a better person
than Noah, who – let’s face it – can get a bit whiny)

Bottom line: So I’ve seen the movie twice and I enjoyed it more the
first time. I also don’t think it will appeal to everyone (this is based
on the fact that I told my mother-in-law to watch it and she was not impressed with me).

To cover all my bases: it’s not particularly original, and Noah does
come across as entitled at certain points, but I think it wraps up quite
well by the end. It’s pretty fun; don’t expect a masterpiece here, but
you will be mildly entertained if you weren’t hoping to be
intellectually stimulated.

Will the man in your life like it?
It’s a rom-com, so I doubt it.
Watch this if you like:
–       Male leads that are funny instead of pretty
–       Groundhog Day, obviously
–       Watching unfit people try to exercise and fail (and then feeling
better about yourself as a result)

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