Date night at Radisson Blu PE

If you follow me on Instagram, which you should because I’m lovely. You would know that Rob and I found ourselves on the receiving end of an invite to Radisson Blu PE for a special date night…despite not having a car at the moment, we could not turn this visit down.

We have had meals at Tabu before – both paid and sponsored and would recommend it, here’s why …

1. Decor and vibe´╗┐

As Tabu is inside Radisson Blu PE it carries the hotel’s luxurious feel into its decor elements. Despite the care to detail, they manage to keep the overall feel of the place quite comfortable. You don’t feel like you need to refresh your knife and fork lessons, but you still feel like you are treating yourself. Does this make sense?

2. Service

One thing that I have always felt about Radisson Blu PE is that they make you feel important. I’m not talking “hey I’m a blogger at Radisson, be nice to me or I’ll give you a bad review type nice”. I’ve been there to interview celebs and for photo shoots or as a video assistant and just for their breakfast and not do any work whatsoever and the waitstaff have always seemed to be super good at treating guests like they are special – I like feeling special

3. Food

We had a four-course meal and honestly apart from a random warm tomato (I don’t like warm tomatoes) and feeling like my cracker to topping ratio was off with mezze platter I’d give them triple #nomnomnom points.

  1. Mezze platter to share
  2. Risotto starter
  3. Choice of three main meals (I had lazy aged sirloin in a bbq sauce with rustic chips and Rob had spicy arabiatta penne pasta with olives)
  4. You end your meal in a choice of chocolate and treats platter or a cheese board with preserves

4. Price

The Friday night date night menu is R295 per person for the tailored four course meal. For an additional R100 you can enjoy four selected wines per course.

Have you tried out Tabu at Radisson Blu? what did you think

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