When will the Weight be over, sheesh

So after seeing rather unflattering pictures of myself I’m feeling rather down…I feel fat and bleugh and blah and like all my eating healthy and trying to exercise is not working!!! really? you mean after all the effort I still look like this? I mean I said no to brownies people BROWNIES!!! and I do salads when every fiber of my being says, you bet your bum I’ll have fries with that and onion rings too please.
I’ve made an effort to do some sort of physical activity everyday, I should be looking better sheesh

apparently YES

I know I know, I have the liver problem and the insulin resistance to deal with so weight loss was never going to be easy . . . also I chose the lifestyle change instead of the crash diet
I know the words on this annoyingly fit lady’s tummy are true, I get that

and there is merit in this annoying poster as well

I’m hoping I can keep on keeping on, it’s just so tough this whole thing…

I never had issues with my weight, seriously if you scroll down to before I had kids it’s like a whole other person, like someone pressed BOLD on my profile picture!!!
According to this cool simulator I found … Model My Diet
This is what current weight looks like compared to my goal  –
I kept in mind my health and the body changes of pregnancy and don’t think I’m asking for too much!

Well now that my whiny fest is over, it’s time to recommit to my journey… What works best for me is MyFitnessPal maybe it’s having to type in what I eat that makes me feel bad and put down the brownie, step away from the fudge (I have a sweet tooth, in case you couldn’t tell) 
What works best for you?
I wish defusing tantrums burned calories, I’d be flippen transparent!

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