Exercise and other things I lie about

So I need to lose weight, roughly the equivilent of Miley Cyrus and at least two one direction band memebers…
Okay in all seriousness I need to lose 20kgs, my stomach just turned typing that, how is this possible? how is that tiny little thing people used to tease because she was so small, how does she need to amputate a leg and half an arm to be at her goal weight?!?!
Not even her goal weight, the goal weight set by doctors for optimum health!!!
The insulin resistance diet didn’t go all that well in December, I became one of THOSE people
plain yogurt for breakfast, carrot sticks for lunch, the entire fridge for supper…
and a woolies food opened near my house, so ja that’s not my fault!
But I hate feeling uncomfortable in my skin, and I hate that so much of my cute clothes don”t fit.
Also I’m at risk of becoming diabetic and the damage from my two emergency c-sections means I have NO core strength… So there needs to be less quantity to ensure quality around here
last week I started eating better and exercising…  I work fairly long hours and live almost an hour away, so you best believe I have no energy for the gym and riding an imaginary bike or rowing and imaginary boat by the time that I get home… and Aidan has been without me the whole day and get’s very needy. 
So now I do a form of toddler exercise… I walk him around the block on his push bike and jump with him on his trampoline (technically I put my rebounder by his play trampoline and we jump together, it’s actually helping with his counting…2 birds one stone)
I want to try out some exercise DVD’s with him as well, because he loves to dance and would think I’m just dancing….
also my dad and I are starting a elliptical challenge tonight, the most minutes racked up in the week wins…. It’s going to be me!!!! 
Have an awesome week all!

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