Monday Mommy Moment – Sometimes we win!

It is Mommy Moment Monday, like last week , remember…
This week’s question is

1. Tell us about one moment you felt like you were winning at this mommy thing…

Eleanor and Aidan

You know all about me already… 

Winning when : I pick him up at daycare and he insists on telling everyone that I’m his mom, he has so much pride when he says, see see, My Mommy. Oh and when he told a man who was littering, in his childlike innocents, “for the bin uncle” hehehe

Cindy and Imogen 

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I call her my princess, she calls me Mamma, Mommy, or Mu-um depending on her mood. Imogen is 5-years old and in Grade R. I am a single Mom, trying to climb the corporate ladder while my daughter keeps my feet firmly on the ground –  staying humble and grateful for being a Mom.

Winning when: I was most impressed when she was the first in her Grade 0 class to have her name placed in the Class Kindness tree. It was a reward for an act of kindness shown by her. I am not sure what she did to deserve this position – also a First Class in my heart. At her previous daycare I was also told of how she got a chair for a helper who sat on the floor one day. Makes me hope that I have done something right. 

Luchae, Kyle and Karis

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Luchae blogs over at myspreadsheetbrain she has two kids with a 12 year age gap so says she feels like she is doing it all from scratch

Winning when: I feel it every time my little girl wakes up and looks SO happy to see me! She makes me feel so blessed to be a parent. 

Zandile and Qawe

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Zandile is the mother of a rather precocious  4-year old

Winning When: I always feel like I’m doing something when my son’s good naturedness and manners come to the fore. Like when he remembers his “please” and “thank yous” without prompt. One night a while ago, we were at the KFC on 4th Avenue, Walmer. As we parked the car, we saw a homeless man rummaging through the bins looking for any leftovers. I didn’t realise Qhawe took notice. When we came out with our 6-piece Family Treat with pops, snack burgers and zinger wings as sides, he digs into the packet and takes out a box of pop and snack burger and hands it to the man. He even donated his juice (which really takes a lot). I wanted to cry!!! But kept a massive proud smile and thanked God once again for the beauty that little guy. Another one is the extreme pride in his name, Qhawe (meaning ‘hero’). Dare you mispronounce it!!! Khawe for who and what and why?

Yolande and Sam

Displaying Us.jpgSam is an active and very loving little boy born on July 31, 2012 and his mommy is a freelance writer who works from home and who is still trying to figure out how to juggle being a semi-stay-at-home-mom and a working-mom at the same time.  

Winning When: I think every time we push through a “phase” like not eating his vegetables or not wanting to go to sleep I feel like I’m winning – but this feeling usually only follows after weeks/months of “I’m failing as a mom”. 

Yolande was not available last week so we get her cringe now 🙂

The other day my little one was playing with sticky tape and the next moment he came over to give me a hug, but strangely giggled as he was doing it. I went out later to go and do an interview at a school and one of the staff members pointed out that there was a large strip of tape on my bum. I immediately realised that I was “pranked” by my toddler. 

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