Where the magic happens (in my mind mostly)

Today I thought I’d share my working space with you guys…
I’m a bit of a crazy creative (you get neat ones too) but when it comes to me things can get a little messy while I work and I don’t really mind. That being said I like to surround myself with pretty things, so it can get “pretty messy” hehehe

My little file that goes around with me
There are sections for family, Oh!Boy, the blog
and yes that is loads of stationery in the background
the boxes are filled with things as well – I wasn’t kidding about my addictions
The wall above my head, I love that mantra!
also I love being surrounded by pretty pictures
Some pretty material in my shelves

My trusty sewing machine
The overlocker/serger is under the table, we are not friends right now

Some pretty things on my walls
Book shelf, wayyy too small
How messy things can get – this is a pretty tame day

My absolute favourite part of the room is my giant green mat covered in oversized pillows
This is where Aidan crafts and Robin plays X-box or they read or play board games…
This is where my heart is

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