Oh!Boy…It starts

Painted bow ties in kiddies and baby sizes

I usually have crafts/DIY on a Wednesday but today is different… If you were looking for a craft I was featured on Thingstodowithkids  making busy bags so do check it out….

I don’t have a craft today, but what I do have is great news…
I’ve been really busy making things for my new online store Oh!Boy and it’s crunch time:)
Oh!Boy is an accessories line for little boys, because when I first got pregnant I felt there was not too much in the way of “quirky and different” when it came to little boys things… everything was very plain or girl orientated and the very trendy things are so popular and far in between that your kid inevitably looks like everyone else…
I started making things for Aidan and people often ask me about his bow ties, scarves and hats so that’s what I’m offering as a start…
Hand painted bow ties
Quirky printed bow ties
Snoods/eternity scarves
And peak beanies
…….at the moment my office/craft studio is constantly busy with me sewing,painting and don’t forget freelance writing…it’s been crazy but I am loving it 🙂

*Please wish me luck! and order! okay? I’m counting on you 🙂 

don’t you just LOVE the packaging, candy jars 🙂
Two of my favourites
My craft desk at any given moment… Organised chaos I promise (I have a separate writing desk, but sometimes things overlap)
So many possibilities 

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