Which Bocadillos in Port Elizabeth is our favourite

So instead of reviewing every Bocadillos in Port Elizabeth separately, I decided to just come out and say it. We love Bocadillos, it’s one of our favourite breakfast spots BUT one stands out above the other three

So out of the three Bocadillos in Port Elizabeth I’m doing a bit of a joint review with our favourite one listed below

So who are the Bocadillos in Port Elizabeth

Well there is Bocadillos on First, Bocodillos on Sixth and then Bocodillos on Moffet

1. Decor and vibe

All of them have a similiar vibe. Rustic yet polished. Very comfy with booths and couches and the smell of fresh bread wafting though. The walls have stunning decor, it’s different in each store but I think the faux grass wall at Bocadillos on Moffet might be leading the pack there. But then on Sixth they have those beautiful carpets that I’m obsessed with while on First, Aidan loves the outdoor area so it’s a close call.

2. Service

We have always received great service at Bocadillos, friendly courteous and the most important to us, they have always been nice to Aidan with his weird food requests. “Can I just have a class of milk please nothing else”. “Can I have one slice of toast with two butters or the pancakes, but put nothing on it, just dry pancakes, thank you”. My son is soooo not a picky eater, like totally not at all… They have always been super cool to him but I must admit that he has not come with us to on Sixth yet so I can’t say.

3. Food

I am yet to walk away disappointed. (If you are thinking, “Like seriously Eleanor do you love every restaurant in Nelson Mandela Bay?” the answer is nope, that’s why I don’t feature every restaurant in NMB) I do like their food though their menu is so vast guys, its basically a novel (the menu at on First is an actual book, just saying) They have a breakfast menu, a lunch one and a dinner one so you could keep coming back for quite a while and never eat the same thing twice….I do eat the same thing twice though….Salmon bagels rock my world. They also have freshly squeezed juices, lemonade, gingerbeer and loads more

4. Price

The menu is vast and a lot of the options come with options so you can start off with a R50 burger and add so many additions it ends up at R150. I would say its R59 to R129 per meal

So which Bocadillos is our favourite? based on the location, the vibe and how awesome they have been with Aidy, the winning Bocodillos in Port Elizabeth according to #TeamMeyers is Boccodillos on First ๐Ÿ™‚

Which one is your favourite?

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