Metallic highlights on natural hair (instacolour giveaway)

I tried to answer a simple question using hair wax… can I get Metallic highlights on natural hair? I received silver and gold instacolour samples to try out and wondered how I could make it show up in my hair properly.

I did a review of instacolour  before and mentioned that my hair does not usually take to colour well. But I think I kind of rocked the metallic…. Here’s how

Knowing that my hair was temperamental I went two routes, one with a coils and one with box braids.

Here how I got Metallic highlights on natural hair

Gold finger twists

I did my finger coils like I usually do (that post actually has a video attached to explain it even better)

I let it dry and then dipped the ends of my coils in the hair wax using my fingers to smooth it out. I let it set for a bit and then loosened some of the curls, this was my end result. It is not super metallic but I like how it basically makes my hair look like it has light brown highlights

Silver braids

With the silver I wanted to do something a little tribal, warrior like. Why? Because I can. So first I did some DIY box braids (I went shorter and chunkier than usual)

I then took a few braids and covered it in silver hair wax. It didn’t absorb into the synthetic hair as it would into my natural hair BUT the colour is pretty noticeable and I think I got the look I set out to get

What do you think? Did I manage to rock Metallic highlights on natural hair?

Do you want your own set of samples to test out and play around with? Then find the below picture on  my FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM and enter to win a set of four colour wax pots from instacolour  and a little extra from justellabella

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