Why cancer sucks

Last year around this time a good friend of mine was diagnosed with cancer,  two months later another friend died of cancer then the one who was diagnosed earlier passed too.
 My gran overcame breast and brain cancer, but then Robin’s dad died from what they think was liver cancer (he wasn’t very open with his diagnosis)
Now cancer strikes AGAIN! My Godmother who  had quite a big hand in raising me, has been told her cancer is so advanced there is nothing they can do for her, she was even given a timeline and told the likelihood of her seeing a new year is not very good.
The thought of it makes me sick to my stomach, in a completely selfish way I want her here forever, she needs to be here so I can phone her whenever I need to vent and I need to be able to tell her about my latest projects and I need to get her advice on venues and menus and décor and life and  . . .
We used to get into little fights cause I didn’t visit enough now I feel like, if I only knew…but that’s life hey, you just never know, you don’t know when your good will turn bad when the dark cloud will overpower the silver lining… She has decided to live in faith… and I’ve decided to do that with her…I mean just last year I was told I would need a hysterectomy and instead we are ready to welcome a new baby into the family…so that’s it, the outlook might be bleak but looking in, things look good…her spirits are up  even though she faces such hardship so who am I to bring her down, how dare I let my own emotions dampen her spirits so that’s it!
FAITH OVER FEAR the mantra regains it’s power!


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