3 years that never happened

This picture was taken when I was pregnant with Logan, I was a whole other person then… tomorrow he should be 3 years old but instead it’s the day before he died.
I can’t believe I survived that. I found myself thinking as I held my newborn nephew yesterday what if this was his one and only day(grieving moms can be a little morbid) how could anyone survive that! All that love shoved into a little person than ripped away.
I did it though?!? Goodness knows how I survived but in a way I did. Although I still get nightmares and bad days I’m better for loving Logan. I find myself way more empathetic and sympathetic.
People’s insensitive comments make me more careful of what I say. Knowing hurt makes me want to heal and I appreciate the good in life because I know too well that things can change in the blink of an eye.

Thank you for choosing me to be your mom little man even though it was for such a short period of time.

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