Curly countdown with Robyn

Yeah!!! It’s time for another curly count down…This time it’s my friend Robyn,I have mentioned her on the blog like a thousand times before, you know, my maid-of-honor and mother of my twinsikles, I’d call her my bestie but I’m 30 and now don’t use phrases like that or yolo, or on fleek or bae… I might use slay though (if I can work it into a sentence, but don’t think I can)

Robyn has such an awesome curl pattern but because her hair takes to straightening so well (like she has way more than 20min of straight hair time after heat) people are often so surprised to see her hair in it’s “natural state” and she has to field questions about perms and curling rods all the time.

Here is her curly countdown

5 Random facts about you.
– I have a lot of hair. Looks like a little when straight but when its curly it springs up into a big mess that never looks the same day to day
– I’m the mom of twins, no time for fuss with hair. Curly not choice, it’s really just the easiest way of life. 
– When i was younger a hairdresser tried to relax my hair to make it easier to work with. 
– I never know what my hair is going look like at the end of the day. 
– At 32 I’m still trying to find what works and trying to live in peace with my hair lol

4 Activities or products you can’t live without
– I’ve recently tried perfect curl. Love love love it. Keeps curls looking neat without the hardness other products create. 
– I don’t brush my curls. I wet. Apply product and scrunch. 
– I use a  round detangling brush thingie before I rinse my conditioner off. 
– I don’t touch hair at all after scrunching. Just leave it be

3 Tips
– Hair accessories like bands and cute clips are awesome to add a little something to your curly style. Not too small tho or it’ll disappear. 
– Banana clips are an awesome way to tie shorter curly hair back without that barely there looking ponytail. 
– When u find product that works stock up

2 Misconceptions about curly hair
– Yes just wetting it can cause curls. Ppl ask how did u get your hair to curl. Is it a perm? No its water. 
– Curly hair is not always lazy hair. It sometimes takes a lot of different techniques to achieve workable curls.

1. Curly pic 

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