I’m looking for book reviewers…

I have a few books that need reviewing, BUT I want it done in a book club style with more than one opinion (mine plus yours maybe?)  so if you are game drop me a line and we can book club together…I have two of each book.

The books in question are Christian based books which are on my to-read list for the near future. I’ve collected a few books from Christian Art Media and due to the fact that I have not had any me time in a while, they have started to pile up…I am however giving myself screen free book time every night now so it is on guys: Pick a book and drop me a line 🙂

Boundaries in dating by Dr Henry Cloud and Dr John Townsend (R79.95)

Let’s be honest, this book is going to one of my single friends/cousins (actually shout in the comments if you want to review it for me)  I’m going to be married ten years this year which is a little late for dating advice. However, I have skimmed through the book and have found real-life scenarios and solid advice.It references bible verses without being preachy and the authors are not afraid to get real…

“No one is perfect. Every person that you date will be a person who will sin and let you down. There is no Prince Charming that has it all together. So let go of the Fantasy”

Fascinating Womanhood by Helen Andelin (R99.96)

This one has peaked my interest, even if its just an interest in having the author prove my first instincts wrong. The book’s tagline is: How the ideal woman awakens a man’s deepest love and tenderness. I’m not the Destiny’s Child “cater to you” type (my husband knew when he proposed) so I’m wondering why exactly I need to be ideal or irresistible or “awaken deep feelings of love”.  The book is a little 1950s housewife for me, too many do this/ don’t do that rules,BUT the premise is a good one, making marriage a lifelong affair and keeping the flame alive. There seems to be some actual things in there a modern woman can use, but I will need to read more to give my final verdict.


Enemies of the Heart by Andy Stanley (R159.95)

My mom beat me to this one and loved it. When writing this post I did a scan of a page (I like to judge the tone of a book by looking at a paragraph in the first chapter a random one) and I found myself continuing to read because I found it light and humorous with a very real message. The book deals with guilt, anger, greed, and jealousy, how these emotions have the power to destroy you. As someone who struggles with guilt ALOT, this has gone to the top of my pile.

“At the heart of jealousy is a lie that God owes us”


She’s still there by Chrystal Evans (R249.95)

In this inspiring  book, the author recalls asking God to break both her legs. I’ve been there, begging for death or a hospital stay, I know the feeling of wanting to give up  and I can already see myself loving this book. Real talk practical questions and hopefully a step in the right direction if you are feeling rather wrong.

“Has your life drifted far from what you thought it would be? Do you ever feel lost in the middle of your life?”

The Power of Praying through Fear by Stormie Omartan (R249.95)

Anxiety is a form of fear, I know this as I often find myself having obsessive thoughts brought on by fear, this book teaches you how to pray through those moments. Will this help alleviate overwhelming feelings of fear? I’m not sure but I’m open to learning. The author delves into her own life and shares what she has learnt and what works for her. I have read great things about this book.  From two bloggers who I know personally and whose opinions I value,  Venean from In The Meantime and Ranique from Big Mouth Blog and I am ready to give it a go, the book I mean.

Sooooo if you want to have me send you a book and maybe a little something extra (if I’m feeling friendly) just comment below also connect with me on one of my social media platforms so we can stay connected and you can post a picture once it arrives.   FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM,TWITTER




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  1. Theofistar says:

    The power of praying through fear –While I’m over here begging people to go to the library for me bc my work hours doesn’t allow the visit, let’s help out each other Elle.

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