DIY a Valentine’s Day t-shirt with a difference

In need of a Valentine’s Day t-shirt?  If you have a child whose daily schedule still includes finger paints or building blocks, I am going to guess yes. Schools are big on dressing for the occasion, which is usually red and white, but I decided to be a little extra this year, I ditched the red and white and made Aidan a Valentine’s Day t-shirt with a difference

What make’s it a Valentine’s Day shirt in my opinion is the big’ol heart nose and the fact that it is both the “animal he loves” as well as the “colour he loves” – you can use this technique and tweak it to suit the wearer.

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How to set up a basic craft box


Aidan and I love to craft, I know  I’ve done such an amazing job of keeping that little fact a secret, but it’s true.

I am extremely blessed to have my own little craft space and Aidan him is pretty lucky that I don’t lock him out completely.

He knows what is completely off limits (like fabric markers and blades) and what he can use…stamps and  off cuts of paper or felt.

I have had a lot of people ask me for advice on setting up a craft box for their kid and I thought I would share our basic 6…here goes

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