Today is just a big thank you.
Thank you to friends, family, readers, aquaintances who have all been such an intricate part of our lives for the past ten months.
Thanks for putting up with my down days where all I wanted to do was mope and thanks for being ready at a moments notice for my up days when I just HAD to do something…
Losing Logan has changed me, in a way it has broken my spirit and taught me about loss and heartache in the most profound way. BUT it has also opened my eyes to the blessings around me, to the amazing people I am so blessed to share my life with…
Not a single milestone has passed unnoticed, messages, cards, gifts ,hugs and words of encouragement are part of my daily life and Rob’s too. It’s amazing how while we were (and sometimes still are) at our weakest we have such amazing people picking us up.
 Love and help has come from as close as family and as far as web pals from abroad…Regardless of the situation I have been able to find someone to reach out to and am eternally greatful.
Thanx so much for everything guys I just hope I can be as good a friend to all of you as you have been to me J

2 thoughts on “A GIANT THANK YOU

  1. JustEllaBella says:

    That is very sweet of you to say…blogging has been therapeutic in so many ways and although I have been criticized for being "too open" it works for me and that is all that matters 🙂

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