Is “me time” a real thing?

Me Time

I need to rest, relax and reconnect, I need something they call “ME TIME” – which is as foreign to me these days as “leftover chocolate” (surely leftover chocolate isn’t a real thing)

Life has been tough lately
I spoke about it in length before
HERE, HERE and HERE so won’t bother you with more whining, instead I need your help with this Me Time dilemma

Right now I’m working on stressing less *pause for laughter from anyone who has ever met me ever*

I’m attempting to read for fun and not for research or review purposes. I step away from my phone at certain times of the day – this counts as cardio because I run when it beeps due to my severe Fomo (fear of missing out).  I am also considering my exercise options (yes there’s a consideration phase in my exercise plan)

As a freelancer I’m always looking for opportunities and jobs and such. I also  hardly ever say no to jobs because… money/bills/hustle… but I’m learning that sometimes my health and wellbeing needs to come first.

Because a compromised immune system does not help you AT ALL…ask me I know! My former rest and relaxation plan was : work until you physically can’t any more then pass out with tears in your eyes and a pain in your neck “you just can’t shake”

With this whole health and well being thing in mind. I’m going to incorporate the following and I am super open to suggestions:

  • Sleep earlier – how tough can this be? VERY I’m a night owl, love being up late but it’s really not been good for me, half way through the day I feel uterly useless
  • Exercise – nothing extreme because, I’m not about that life BUT I have seen that I have way more energy if I throw in some cardio in the morning so I’m looking at dusting off my parents’ fitness flyer for mornings and doing pilates/yoga in the evenings
  • Get organised – all the stress has put me in “coping mode” do what has to be done and move on…I need to get back to my lists and organisational charts they keep me focused (nerdy much?)
  • Eat properly – by this I mean have a none keyboard adjacent meal every now and again.
    Visit friends/meet up for coffee or something – because you actually don’t have to be working every second of the day, or so I’m told
  • Spend time with my boys because at the end of the day THAT is my happy place.

What is your Me Time trick?

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