A green fairy did my hair – product review

Reading that I believe a green fairy did my hair probably has you thinking that I moved on from CBD oil to the real thing. Well truth is, “I did my hair with green fairy” is a more accurate statement

I used green fairy charcoal and tea tree oil shampoo bar with coconut and glycine and conditioner serum to style my hair and here is what I thought.

Firstly what is Green Fairy...Well, it’s a brand of locally (Port Elizabeth local) produced beauty products, which are handmade by a qualified aromatherapist and couriered across South Africa.

They were one of the ECMeetup sponsors and my goodie bag is how I finally got to try the products, because although I love organic, small batch products (major hippie) and have been following them on facebook for a while, I was not sure if their hair products would work on my hair type – it isn’t exactly marketed to ethnic/afro hair. Well, it’s not really marketed to any specific hair type – but you get me, basically, I was nervous. So here’s what I thought…

Shampoo Bar

I love that this reduces plastic, we are trying to reduce our waste and it also takes up way less space. But I had no idea how to use it. Seriously I was standing there like, uhm, do I just rub it on my head? Do I lather it up and try to make like a liquid shampoo in my hands? What is even happening here? After I laughed at myself for being silly I wet my hair and rubbed the bar on my head. I love that it does not foam up too much. I can’t be wasting water standing there trying to get bubbles out of my hair, also it’s cold and I need to reduce my naked, in shower time. I loved this stuff!!! like ordering more love. My hair felt soft and clean and not even a little “hay/straw like”. Those of you who have seen some of my other reviews know I am not a shampoo girl. Turns out I’m a shampoo bar girl. Only thing is I need to figure out the best way to store the bar.

Conditioner Serum

Okay, I have to admit I was not super keen on this at first. It didn’t look like it had a lot of slip and for someone who struggles with tangling, this made me nervous. I did not want to use it with any of my other products and get a “false positive” so I decided to go ahead and use it on its own and do a braid out. A braid out meant I could de-tangle smaller portions despite it not having a thick conditioner like consistency. I was very pleased to find that this worked really well. It de-tangled easily and when my hair dried it was soft, shiny and very manageable. The serum reminds me a little of the homemade linseed gel I love. I intend to use it as a curling cream with a de-tangling conditioner for a wash and go style next.

At R35 for the bar and R60 for the serum (for full-sized items, I have samples in my pic) I am sold and I am eager to try out the face soap which I nabbed from my husband’s goodie bag

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