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Today’s DIY beauty storage hacks are courtesy of Simran from Burgundy Beauty. If you are into make-up,beauty, lifestyle and STUNNING pictures do check her out.

I love doing guest posts because I enjoy learning new things and adore hearing other people’s opinions and ideas (probably why I became a journalist in the first place). Today’s idea is “how to not look Ratchet and have your makeup lay around everywhere”

Simran is talking affordable and DIY beauty storage , so you know I am excited!

Skincare Holder

I got these affordable, sturdy cosmetic organisers from Clicks for less than R35 each.  These organisers are stackable so they are perfect for storing numerous bits and bobs.  I use these organisers to store some of my skincare products, makeup sponges and other beauty goodies.  These organisers come in two variants: one has two divisions while the other variant has six divisions.


Makeup Storage

These three-drawer, acrylic organisers are from Dischem Pharmacies and they retail for R160 each.  They are also sturdy but they get scratched easily.  Each drawer is the same size and is large enough for smaller beauty items (e.g. pencils, lipsticks, powders and small palettes).  However, they are too small for foundation bottles or larger palettes.  These storage drawers are not stackable but there is a smaller version in-store (that has two drawers).


 Makeup Display

Mr Price Home is such an underrated store.  They have some of the best – and most affordable – blog photo props and storage items.  I purchased this gold tray for only R30.  It is ideal for keeping essential products on your nightstand (hand cream and lip balm, for example) and it is a great way to display perfume bottles and pretty beauty products.


 DIY Makeup & Makeup Brush Holder

Like any clichéd blogger, I love candles.  And I love reusing old candle jars to store my makeup.  I use the smaller candle jar to store my daily makeup products.  If the candle jars look too bare, I decorate it with some patterned ribbon.  I use a larger candle jar to store my makeup brushes.  If the jar is too big or if you want to make the jar look prettier, just add some coffee beans, rice or marbles to it.  These also help to keep the makeup brushes



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