Defined curls using Afri True curl power gel

Before trying the “ribbon method” I never even considered using afri true curl power gel, well no gel at all really.

I use my DIY flaxseed gel but up till this point gel was never the main thing in my styling arsanal but let’s just say that’s changed.

I saw a tutorial by Boskop Republic where she introduced me to the ribboning technique (which is basically pulling your hair like you would a ribbon to make that ribbon curl) she mentioned using gel. The afri true curl power gel was one of the least expensive at R45 so I figured if it was a complete fail it would not be so heart breaking.

I ended up using it after washing and conditioning, to shingle my hair and then sort of pulling my brush through my hair and pulling it like you can see on this video from Boskop Republic

The afri true curl power gel did not disappoint. It gives amazing definition with very minimal crunch.

After leaving my hair to dry naturally I coat my hands in hair oil and fluff it out.

The curls last for quite a bit and with some carolsĀ  daughter black vanilla spray. This gives my curls moisture and shine and gives me at least at a week of curly puffs and scarf looks.

Very curious to try the rest of the afri true curl power range now

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