Toddler boardgame DIY (Mary had a little lamb)

This week we finish off our Nursery Rhymes with Mary had a little lamb 🙂
I really had to think good and hard to get to a DIY because I have just been too busy with my own little lamb – but I think I nailed it with the toddler board game  – I am super modest, can you tell
Here we have it; a board game your toddler can get involved in 🙂 and I even made the printable available  … download toddler board game HERE

 Basically the aim of the board game is to get your sheep (little lamb) to school first  – each in their own lane (even the sheep know to stay in their lanes)
You start off the page and then throw the dice and move up your lane to the school,
It’s crazy simple, but since my kid is 2 1/2 – simple is where it’s at
(I included a printable for a number dice because it helps little ones recognize numbers but if your kid can count you could easily uses  dice from another board game)

You need a cereal box (any big piece of card really), glue, contact plastic, scissors and the print out, I printed mine on A3 because I took advantage of a friend’s printer, but A4 works too

Cut out components and glue onto cereal box then cut off excess card
– Get some help to make sure the paper is all wrinkly (sarcasm sign goes here)

Cover your pieces in contact plastic

you will need to fold the dice and stick it down into the shape of a cube


This is what it should look like at the end… happy playing 🙂
That’s it from me don’t forget to take a look at what the others came up with:


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