Aidan’s guest crafting post…

Anyone who has ever come across my blog will know that I LOVE to make things…it’s my thing šŸ™‚
But usually my making things has to have two important factors:
1. It has to be quick,easy and relatively mess free (I do not have time, people) and
2. It has to be functional (Not using my limited time to make something I can’t use)


Aidan has shown a lot of interest in the arty crafty side of things and wants to make and cut and paint, I now find myself having to make things just for the sake of making things, and making a mess while we are at it (This is NOT how I operate) he wants to paint and crumble the painting into the bin (could have so used that as wrapping paper, child) he wants to create and discard of his masterpieces (yes he is not two yet what do I expect)

Aidan’s interest in “making with mumgy” is teaching me to let go and just let him be…. Here is a craft I made with him this weekend…there is absolutely NO use for it (breath Eleanor) it was messy, and took time off “productive things” but he loved it and the joy in his eyes is “USE” enough.

Monsters from jacaranda seed pods

It took A LOT of restraint not to fix those eyes…
We have a giant jacaranda tree, so I grabbed two pods
Aidan painted them…horror of horrors, he mixed paint all over the place
and did theĀ other side before waiting for first side to dry
See the mixing….Breath crazy lady breath
He decided he didn’t like theĀ colour and wanted to clean it off and start again…..annnnd breath
After the seed pods were dry we grabbed googly eyes and pipe cleaners from HIS craft supplies
Yes my 22 month old has craft supplies…hehe
He was so proud and all I did was stick the pipe cleaners through the pods for some eyes…
He was extremely excited to show daddy and then he forgot about it and moved on šŸ™‚

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