Dear future son, please dont be a jerk


Right now you are two. You are cute and polite and you light up a room with your smile.

Sometimes you are so well mannered you put me to shame by asking the waitress or cashier for their name so you can refer to them as uncle or aunt so and so.

You love sharing and making other people happy is a priority to you.

You get so happy to hand the car guard money because, “he can buy some foodies now”

And if a child comes to the door for bread you insist they get a treat with it (apples, raisins, you will give your last biscuit)…but the thing is you are only 2.

Life has not jaded you yet, your heart has not been broken yet.

I know life will change you, people will be idiots and you will grow harder in your outlook on life.

With all this I have just one request for you, you can study what you want, marry who you want and within bounds (I’m still your mother after all) follow your own path just please don’t be a brat or a jerk!!!

Please don’t say things like “how long does one wait for service around here” at the age of eight because you want your milkshake NOW (I actually witnessed this)

Don’t be rude to staff because you think you are better than them.
– Your mom stocked shelves, your dad served food, and we expect you to work hard too.

Always say thank you and greet people with a smile. It costs nothing and can make someone’s day.

Keep your faith, and be a good person.

Don’t look down on others, make jokes of a racial or homophobic nature, or anything in “bad taste” really.

Try to keep your view that “hands are a body part not a colour” (you actually said this you smart arse)

And when you are told girls can do certain things and boys do other things please keep doing what you do now…question it! Question why you  can’t be gentle why she can’t be tough, don’t take things at face value.

Don’t make people wait for you with no explanation, your time is not more important than theirs.

Do not talk down to others, instead, stand up for them and for goodness sake dear child DO NOT BE A JERK!!!

*  What is your hope for your child/children?

6 thoughts on “Dear future son, please dont be a jerk

  1. Ika Khoza says:

    Such a lovely post. Your son is so well mannered and I'm sure that will never change. My hope for my children is for them to know the Lord and never depart from him. or his ways

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