ANT ATTACK, help needed

Typing this in car while watching Rob fight off our 9th home invasion of ants in about 6 weeks, this could be the worse one yet! I never think to take pics until its too late and they have scurried off in every which way(so pics dnt show full effect)…but take my word for it, tiny black ants carrying their young into your house from every possible opening, is not a pleasure!!! In fact its disgusting and leaves you feeling gross! Rob is actually considering moving out because they are just THAT relentless 🙁

He is currently spraying them (and has sent me out to get out of the way of the fumes) but like the myth with grey hair…every time he gets one, two pop up in its place…

My investigation (spurred on by a picnic with my 2-year-old niece who then asked me to help her follow them so we can see where ants come from) has me thinking they are in the ceiling…. I have these visions of the inside of our ceiling pitch black and positively vibrating with these little critters…BLEUGH!!!

Ants are currently marching a thousand by a thousand AND IM DONE WITH THEM!

Any ideas apart from ripping the house apart brick by brick (Rob is about 5min from doing that) we have fumigated, tried traps and even baby powder(which has been most successful so far…) But they won't go…HELP!

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