How do you deal with anxiety and life that is a little too real?

Meditation on the beach

Sometimes life gets real…
I deal with anxiety every day of my life, it’s just part of the day to day…. but sometimes it gets too much.


You get rushed between eye and lazer clinics because a specialist suspects a rare eye disease that causes blindness.
This after a loved one is mugged one day and has a traumatic run in with the law the next.
You were still reeling from a sinus,ear and throat infection and your body’s nasty reaction to pretty strong antibiotics when you realise that your work is piling up.
You were disappointed when it comes to blog redesign and you need to “recalculate” on that front.

Being sick has put you behind on your crafting, blog submissions and videos.
You have no idea (none) how much longer you have your main income generating contract.
You feel like your are treading water and all you really want is a nap!

That’s me this month… I’m exhausted and I really don’t know what’s happening in my life right now…its like I’m a tennis ball in a game between good and evil…

EVIL: Eleanor we have terrible news for you
GOOD: strike that, here’s practically a miracle
EVIL: okay actually here is some awful info
GOOD: cancel that and take this good news
EVIL: we will take that good news off your hands

BUT this evening spent with my boys reminded me that none of it really matters… I was “brought back from dead” a few years ago, I “survived” losing my first born son, I got through Robs unemployment and my own, I’ve overcome liver disease and I’m not going blind….
I’m pretty bad arse and this too shall pass.
That’s all I need
I have decided to give myself some “time off” this weekend, just heal and reconnect

How do you do that? I’m an extremely anxious person and can do with any advice you have…

8 thoughts on “How do you deal with anxiety and life that is a little too real?

  1. Unknown says:

    Hey – thanks for sharing…!! Love your mantra – plus you are pretty bad ass!!!!! Unfortunately cant give any advice on the how to relax.. because i am just as anxious 🙂 🙂 but will keep an eye on the feed…

  2. Luchae Williams says:

    All I do is lay and play Soda Crush and listen to good, soul feeding music (aka no Adele and nothing from this millennium). You'll get through this! No, scrap that… you've GOTTEN through this, in the future… now you just have to catch up to that, in the present 🙂

  3. Faziela says:

    Strength to you! I posted a similar post this week on how I’m momming with high functioning anxiety. Taking the down time whether you think you need it or not is so important. And to always have a good support structure, I’m still learning how to deal with it but hey, think we all a lot stronger than we give ourselves credit for.

  4. Hein says:

    I used to smoke weed to relax but you know where that got me. Point being, no external source can provide what you seek, it has to come from within you; knowing what triggers your anxiety and making an effort to change the situation for permanent and for the better(best of times this is done with a smile, worst of times we usually ask why even bother). There are no straight answers as each case of anxiety is individual dependent, in the greater scheme of things it does offer relief to know we are not alone and I admire you for being able to reach out. That is usually the part I struggle the most with. Laters Lady.

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