Natural hair tips from a curly family

I have not done a curly countdown in such a long time I figure it is only right that I do an  awesome 3 in 1 post today 🙂

Juwayra from CurlyheadsandDimples is  Cape Town based blogger and mom to three cuties, Azaria, Jaymee and Jody. 

The natural diva SERIOUSLY CHECK OUT THOSE CURLS shares about her hair and the hair of her two youngest kiddies on today’s post…check it out and do check out her blog it’s full of hair care tips, fashion and stories from her life.







5 random facts about you and your hair
– I shaved my all hair off in 2010 and have been loving my curls ever since.
– People hardly believe me when |I say its my own hair…they think its a weave.
– I am naturally brunette but have been sporting blonde curls for the last 2 years.
– I hardly use heat on my hair…and when blown out, it doesn’t stay straight for more than 5 mins.
– My hair grows real quick…like is super quick.

4 products or activities you can’t live without
– Coconut oil
– Olive oil
– my silk pillowcase
– Using an old t-shirt instead of a towel to dry my hair

3 Tips for other curly curls
– Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise
– You don’t have to buy/use the most expensive products to use on your hair, there are some good local products
– Embrace your curls, at first it will seem that you cant manage your hair but once you get the hang of it and understand what works for your hair type, you will love it.

2 misconceptions about curly hair
– People think its difficult to manage curly hair…nope

– not the case for me. It actually saves me lots of time especially with 3 kids with different demands

1 favourite way to wear your hair
– wash and go….its easy and always looks good


5. Child’s name and ages?
Azaria 11
Jaymee 9
Jody 34. Are their curl patterns the same as yours?
Azaria has the same curl pattern but with a little more kink to it…(according to my mom it’s my husband’s fault, lol)
I believe Jaymee has my exact curl pattern/hair texture but we had to cut it when he started school. We do allow him to grow his hair during school holidays.
Jody’s hare is very fine textured compared to Azaria’s and mine.3. What products do you use on their hair?
We use the same products, olive and coconut oils, Tresseme Naturals conditioner, Sulphate free shampoo or Bicarb mixed with water.
I don’t use the bicarb on Jody and Jaymee’s hair. 

2. How do you style and treat?
I love to use Dark and Lovely Cholesterol treatment and Sunsilk Nourishing Soft and Smooth Intensive Treatment Mask when treating their hair.90% of the time Azaria’s hair gets 2 strand twist for school, it usually lasts for the whole week. Lately she feels she’s too big for cornrows but in the recent weeks I have been doing the 2 plaits (like those that Kim K have been sporting lately)
She hardly wears an afro, says people stare too much.Unfortunately I am not allowed to touch Jody’s hair, his aunt styles his hair for the last 6 months now and since then he’s been wearing 2 strand twist that gets done every week or 2. We wash the hair with the twists mostly and have him rock his famous afro for a few days after we take the twists out.

1. What are their individual favourite styles?
Azaria hates doing her hair…I have so many ideas for styles but she doesn’t allow me to try it out on her. I gave up a long time ago because the last time I tried a style she cried so much that her Daddy took her to the hairdresser across the road and had her long hair (almost reaching her backside) cut into a mini afro (about 10cm long). She’s getting older now and tries to style her hair herself and the only way she can do it is when her hair is blown out which I do every other weekend. She then makes a “high bun”.
Any style works for Jody, afro or twists.

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