Attempting to not raise a bigot

BIGOT:  a person who is obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices; especially : one who regards or treats the members of a group (as a racial or ethnic group) with hatred and intolerance.

With the rise of internet trolls I have found myself increasingly aware of the bigotry and racism in the country.

Goodness people who raised you!

And it’s from every race and religion and and and … people are angry and seem to be wanting to divide and conquer…how sad.

Just a week or so ago an interracial couple kissed on a local soap opera and people lost their minds!!! (Yes here in 2016). Some woman even went on to say how white bodies reject blood from black people and that this was proof that different races shouldn’t mingle. That same day I was informed by the interwebs that “my people” are useless gang bangers and drug users ( That’s BS! Who can afford drugs in this economy)

I woke from my stupidity induced coma with a goal! I will try my best to not raise a “racist bigot internet troll”.

If in the future you see Aidan act the fool please let me know so I can personally let my feelings known on the subject…
Because often despite our best intentions you can still end up with a child who has a superiority complex (I pray hard over this one)

Aidan is only a week into being a three-year-old so this list is pretty basic, (I don’t think he is even aware of his skin colour – yet)…it’s  based on my own experiences growing up…
If you have any other ideas please comment below – I don’t have all the answers, not even close…just ask my maths teachers hahaha.  All I want is to raise a child who judges people in their character and not their appearance or antiquated notions.

My tips:
– Don’t use terms like “them” and “those people” or “us and our kind” (I’m not saying don’t acknowledge differences just don’t be a A@# about it)

– Never use derogatory terms especially in front of your child…sies who raised you?! Why are u calling people  things like that

– Integrate; if not at school, find extra mural activities where your child can mingle with different races, ethnicity, cultures and religions.

– Don’t encourage stereotyping… “they are like that those…” rude white people ,loud coloured people, uneducated black people, terrorist muslims (I know Islam is a religion not a race…just saying)” IT SIMPLY ISN’T TRUE

– Don’t use “for a” like: smart for a black person, reliable for a coloured person or nice for a white person… (I cringed typing that almost as much as I cringe hearing it)

– This is SA so we can’t get away from “opinions” if you notice your child exposed to bigoted thinking…debrief! Explain why what their drunk uncle, rude neighbour or angry grand parent says is wrong….

– Lead by example

I’m not living in a fantasy word where everyone is the same, where is the fun in that? I just don’t want the differences that make us unique to ever be a reason to treat someone badly
How do you encourage non-segregated thinking?

12 thoughts on “Attempting to not raise a bigot

  1. The Blessed Barrenness says:

    Wait… what?
    "Some woman even went on to say how white bodies reject blood from black people and that this was proof that different races shouldn't mingle"
    My beautiful, mixed race daughters are living proof that that statement is utter crap!

  2. Eleanor Douglas-Meyers says:

    This is the actual quote:
    Kayleigh Grimbeek wrote: “The WHOLE ENTIRE BIBLE teaches us to NOT mix our seed. From Genesis right through Revelations. If you don’t see it you are NOT reading your Bible correctly…Did you know that while white people can donate blood to blacks, about 90% of blacks' blood will be rejected by a white person’s body… Wonder why…

    This is super insane! like I worry about her walking and chewing gum, insane

  3. Cassarica Nadas says:

    Once when I was having a hard time at work, an acquaintance "of colour" asked me if my boss was white, to which I responded yes. She then went on to say the only reason I was having a hard time at my job was purely "because white people are like that." I had to refrain myself from saying something nasty to her as she was aware that my boyfriend is white as well! How dare she say something like that? but a lot of people don't think before they speak and are conditioned into saying things like that without thinking because it is the norm. We need to change 'the norm' because it really does hurt our rainbow nation.

  4. Yolande Stander says:

    I agree totally. It all starts with good parenting. What really annoys me is the subtle racism. It is almost worse than blatant racism as it is so ingrained, that people don’t even believe what they are saying is actually racist…like the “he is so decent for an orange/blue/or green person”. Or if someone assumes because you are Afrikaans and white, they can say racist things in front of you. I look at my son and he doesn’t see skin colour, he just sees friends…I intend to do all I can to keep it that way.

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