If your child does not love their curly fro…watch this

I know Disney Juniors line up pretty well. It happens when you have a young child and you are not completely against screen time, you suddenly find yourself knowing all about where Dora explores and what Sophia was first at. You understand the whimsy behind Goldie and bear and can’t get the stupid Mickey Mouse club house song out of your head…come inside it’s fun inside…

A show Aidan is rather fond of is Doc McStuffins. You see, Aidan rates himself as a bit of a medical professional, he likes to “make people feel better” with his toy medical equipment and pretend medicine.
He is one of those kids who look forward to going to the doctor.

Yesterday I came across a rather inspiring episode of Doc McStuffins on YouTube.
Doc was “doctoring” a wooden doll who hated her hair.
Basically the bushy haired Curly Q wished she had hair like some of the other toys, hair that could blow in the wind like Dollies or was pretty like some play dough toy (I was half watching until that point).

I loved it because growing up I remember hating my hair (hence the hair section of this blog) so it was pretty awesome when Doc taught Curly Q that all she needed to do was find a style that she liked.

Aidan tells me that Curly Q looks like me and him not like daddy but he likes daddy’s hair too. It just highlighted the importance of shows/episodes like this… highlighting diversity and self love FTW!!!

Hooray for Disney Junior. If you have a little one who is less than pleased with their natural hair do check out this link HERE to watch the episode, it’s really sweet.

It’s season 2 Episode18  “Take your doc to work day”

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