Awesome party DIYs and the chance to party with Appletiser in New York

Given any thought to your New Year’s celebrations? I have, and so has Appletiser, it seems…they are giving 50 people the chance to each win a New Year’s Eve party, this includes one lucky person who will be jetted off to New York!!! Yes THAT New York, the one everyone from Frank Sinatra to Jay Z have sung about…


Details to their fabulous competition below, but first two DIYs that are sure to be a hit at any New Year’s Eve Party…

Allow me to show you how to make your own party popper/glitter cannon/sparkly things shooter/mess maker and yummy Appletiser based ice-lollies

Party Poppers

What you need:


Cardboard tube (toilet paper rolls will work just fine)

Scrapbook or wrapping paper

Glue stick

Sticky tape



What you do:


Cut paper to fit the roll, overlapping for glue purposes (it doesn’t have to fit lengthwise)

Glue down

Cut top of balloon

Fit balloon onto the paper roll

Tape down

Tie bottom of balloon

Fill with glitter/confetti/anything you want to shoot into the air (within reason people)

All done


How it works


Pull on knotted end of balloon

Point in direction you want confetti to fly and…

Release knot

– Check out this insta video for step-by-step how to


For the Popsicles

What you need:


– Appletiser (or grapetiser or pear or…)

– Ice-lolly molds

– extras: kiwis, lemon, mint and wine if you’re feeling adventurous


What you do:


Boil the Appletiser…yes you read correctly, boiling takes out the fizz and somehow lets it freeze clearer, if you do not boil it first the popsicle takes way longer to freeze (go figure) and freezes so cloudy you can’t see the fruit (we can’t have that, I mean think of the insta pics!)

Let it cool

Pour into molds, but not all the way up, about 3/4 for fruit ones and 1/2 for wine ones

Add your additions, I did kiwi slices in my Appletiser, lemon and mint in my Grapetiser and added wine to half of each

Top up with Appletiser leaving some room at the top for expansion


Remove from freezer

Instant (instantish) hostess with the mostess

I have the video for this up on instagram aswell


Now for the fab comp:

  • Buy an Appletiser Collectable 50th Anniversary can
  • SMS the unique code to 32307
  • Each unique code that is smsed will count as one entry.
  •  Sign up for your Appletiser virtual visa at
  • The virtual visa will allow you to increase your chances of winning and also allow you to enter your codes online
  • On the site you can also get a 360 degree view of some of the iconic landmarks that are in New York as well as a chance to share a New Year’s Disaster story which will also increase your chances of winning.

The Prize:

  • 1 trip to New York
  • 49 x R15 000 towards your dream New Year’s Eve Party

Be sure to look out for THESE cans guys, then win and smuggle me along in your suitcase,I’m pretty short and on a diet, so you know (wink wink)


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