Win Kirstenbosch Concert tickets with Vibescout

A trip is not on the cards for me soon. SAD!!! So I need one of my Cape Town readers to attend the Kirstenbosch Summer Sunset Concert in order for me to live vicariously through them please… Actually tag me in a picture guys! Photoshop me in! hahahaha, live MY dream.

This isn’t an empty threat/promise/comment people! South Africa’s hottest events app and Kirstenbosch are giving away 2 actual real live tickets to the show of your choice. 

So whether Lira catches your fancy or Goldfish is more your speed you can go to Vibescout and pick a concert (One that is not sold out, naturally) and enter my competition. They have performances by Van Coke to Mi Casa, the choice is yours (I choose Mi Casa. There is just J’Something about them – hahaha) Lame jokes aside, Kirstenbosch is definitely the place to be this summer. (When you are not at a desk in the Eastern Cape)

So what is this Vibescout thing I am going on about? Well it can actually help my “deskwearyness”.  (Do you know what I mean? Then it counts as a word…go with me here)

Vibescout is this really cool website that let’s you SCOUT the VIBE. You go on the site and type in the area you are in then filter by soonest, hottest or most popular. Where was this site when I had more time and money?!  They are also on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram (Incidentally so am I but you already follow me right, RIGHT?!)

Rob and I want to do more fun things because we are getting old FAST so this really works for us!!!

According to the Vibescout list, we here in Port Elizabeth have a bunch of markets and music shows coming up (A school seems to have listed their parent teacher day on there too, I don’t get that, but hey) Cape Town readers (Which is statistically like 75% of my readership – thanks guys!) have even more fun events going on in your area..

And like I mentioned Vibescout and Kirstenbosh are adding to the fun by giving away double tickets to the show of your choice…why not enter below:


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