Who wants to win stationery?


So the headline to this is, “Who wants to win stationery”, but to be honest I don’t know if greeting cards and an adjustable bookmark count as stationery, It’s in the stationery isle in the shop so I’m Β hopefull…

Well if it is or if it isn’t, Β it’s custom made and it’s all yours…

The greeting cards are STUNNING! they were designed my ridiculously creative buddy Lana.

You know Lana from Nogsteedslana…I featured her in 2011 when I first started this blog and we chatted about her artΒ then when she started her business.

When we had our second #ECMeetUp this year I chatted to her and said I wanted something cool and different for the goodiebags and she was super generous and offered us the most awesome goodie…She designed four individual greeting cards for us…They are beautiful and quirky and fun – just like Lana…

Now you can win one of each…how cool is that?

I added a fun little extra in the shape of a ribbon and button bookmark…Because I love sharing the crafting love…if you would like to make your own…check out this video…


Make your own adjustable button bookmark

You will need:

Ribbon, scissors, matches/lighter, a big shank button, a book for measuring

What you do:

Wrap ribbon around book three times then cut

Put ends together and thread both ends through button

Tie a knot

Cut and then burn off frayed edges

TA DAH!! you have an awesome book mark that can adjust with no trouble at all

But before make your own …enter my comp below and I’ll send you the bookmark from the video and Lana’s super awesome greeting cards (Lana is available for all kinds of design work from illustration to web design, she is truly super talented) Okay now go enter already . . .

PS. Look out for more of these small giveaways, I’m really excited about the idea of posting little “love letters” to people


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