Craft at the Boardwalk : a tale of two burgers

Rob and I have started doing date nights again. It took a while to align our schedules with babysitters and funds, but we are finally making it work.

Last week we took date night to Craft at the Boardwalk. It’s where Squires used to be, you know like on the way to the movies.

For the most part Rob and I are steak and salad (while lusting after chips) kind of people, but we aren’t afraid to try something new. The deal is that when we do new eateries we will try to order meals that are vastly different so we can taste and have an opinion.

Craft is known for their burgers, ribs and beer. All of our friends who have gone there before us insist that “you have to try their burgers, you simply must” so we thought we would do that because “we simply must” and you know, FOMO.

Our super nice waitress Zuki also suggested burgers so we were sold. Rob went for the Widow Maker which (I flippen kid you not) is two patties, three cheeses, four streaky bacon and I think four giant beer battered onion rings. Rob almost passed out when he saw the “construction” held together by a kebab stick – the thing is huge.

The manager actually noticed his distress and suggested he try the Grease strip next time as it is less daunting.

(Turns out he could finish it though and wanted a bigger portion of the side).

I went for something different (Rob says it doesn’t count as a burger because I opted to skip the rolls – you can do that there and either go without like I did or replace it with wheat free or carb free buns).

I ordered the Captain Jack which is Southern spiced crumbed chicken with coleslaw and smokey mayo. SOOOO good.

I paired mine with Zucchini fries while Rob opted for potato skins. Their sides are ordered separately and will set you back from between R15 – R40. I love the variety; chilly cheese fries, jalapeno poppers, that sort of thing.

I took a bite of Robs and realised it was not for me…it was too meaty, just too much burger for me (if that makes sense) Rob says I have been tainted by the taste of fast food burgers and that, THAT, was what real meat should taste like…I tried not to roll my eyes too far back.

Their portions are generous to say the least and their prices are “chain restaurant adjacent” (I made that up, but you get me)

I recently learn’t (when we stayed at the Boardwalk hotel actually) that Craft and Coast (with it’s amazing seafood) are actually run by the same people who feed the guests at the Boardwalk hotel’s restaurant, Kilpling’s Brasserie.

The three places are pretty obviously catering for a different crowd though. While Kilpling’s and Coast feel a little fancier, Craft with it’s rustic interior and pictures of PE in it’s tram and horse drawn carriage days, gives you a super urban vibe.

A place where you can hang out with your friends and enjoy good food. The portions are a little big for me, I won’t lie, when the waitress asked if I wanted dessert (house churned ice-cream, apple pie, Mississippi mud pie or espresso mousse) I almost laughed in her face, I couldn’t finish my food how could I go for sweets (I can usually ALWAYS go for sweets) even though their double thick shakes sounded amazing, I mean they have salted caramel and pina-colada, I had to pass.

If you are like me and like to check out a place’s menu before going you can do so HERE

Rob and I have decided what we will be trying more restaurants and sharing our experience.

HE SAYS: Def going back for the ribs
SHE SAYS: How did I miss the list of fancy salads, maybe because they call it Shacks

* Our meal was comped but the opinions are all my own; my opinions are always my own.

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