Let’s talk shampoo

I’m not a shampoo person, but it’s one of those things you need to use, I mean you have to wash your hair. Even people who believe in co-washing will have to shampoo to get rid of build-up , so which shampoo is for you?

In case you aren’t too sure, here is a list of products I’ve tried, which just might help you pick the right one for you.

Here is a list of shampoos that I’ve tried:

Pure Beginnings, Fun Time Condition Shampoo with marula oil is something we use for the kids but I really like it too.

I love that this product by Bubiroo is dual use. This awesome dry shampoo can be used as a mask.

Stylish Steppers has two pretty cool shampoos, a PH Balanced Protein Shampoo and a Tea Tree Tingle Shampoo, both of which my husband likes.

My son has been using Childs Farm Range and loving it, he loves the smell I love how natural it is.

The OH So Heavenly Beautiful Curls range is one of my favourites

A while ago I tried the Organics range for the whole family, it was not for me but the rest of the fam loved it

I reviewed Oh So Heavenly Repair and Care with Argan oil and Royal honey as well as the Love Your Colour with Berries and Camellia extract.

Doing this post reminded me of the amazingness that is the L’Oreal Curl Nourishment Range, specifically the Low Shampoo.

Tresemme Botanique is a holy grail range in this house, the conditioner, more so BUT the shampoo deserves a mention

A while back I was part of the Kimberly Grace Professional Product research group and got to learn about their growth shampoo through trying it myself

My current favourite shampoo is not even strictly a shampoo. Nope it is a bar of charcoal soap from Greenfairy which I have been recommending to people all the time

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