Brunch at Baakens Bistro anyone?

So I have not done a food review in a minute…so I thought I would share a brunch experience at a new/old Port Elizabeth hot-spot Baakens Bistro, which used to be known as Friendly Stranger…

I popped over with my dear friend, Durelle (who does not come to town nearly enough) and we went to check out if the new owners are doing the place justice…

1. Decor and vibe

They have kept a lot of the original decor and vibe, very eclectic, and weird but in a good way, you know, like my soul. Mismatched chairs, local artwork and a very relaxed atmosphere makes for the perfect brunch spot.

2. Service

The waitstaff are friendly and make you feel comfortable. Guys with my anxiety levels I can’t be dealing with snooty waitstaff acting like I’m a fake homeless person trying to come for seconds at a soup kitchen. They are really nice though. We even shared a laugh with who I believe is one of the owners as my water bottle made a run for it across the wooden floor (why must I always be THAT person)

3. Food

YUM! They get my vote. I had the mushroom and brie pasta and  Durelle had a creamy pesto chicken pasta. OMW sooo yum. Their coffees are super good too (quite a few options) and a quick look at the menu show that although they might not have the largest variety of items you are likely to find something that tickles your fancy. They manage to be pretty hip without being pretentious, so you could bring your foodie friend or conservative dad.

4. Price

Price range is like R27 to R150 and they have great lunch specials like two gourmet pastas for R100, which we totally indulged in.

You can find them at 1 Bridge Street, Upper Valley Rd, Baakens Valley, Port Elizabeth, 6001. Have you been? what did you think?

*Non sponsored post, I just like sharing the love

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