Curl Connection hair product review

I recently bought the Curl Connection Protein Feed mask and got a little Hair and scalp butter cream as a gift. So that means review time!!!

I also bought the Curl Connection miracle oil and got the hair gel but that’s for the next review.

So what did I think of the Curl Connection products, at first not much, I was eager to get in on the hemp oil hoopla, but I’m not sure what I expected… Honestly it was meh… But as all naturalistas know, you don’t give up after just one go… You try again but maybe with a new method and I’m seriously glad I did.

Curl Connection Protein Feed mask

– Firstly, it’s not the consistency I expected, it felt more conditioner than mask, it felt like it couldn’t possibly be deep treating my hair like I needed
– Also a weird thing happened when I first applied it, my curls were poppin! I actually reread the label to make sure I picked up the mask, because it was giving me “leave in conditioner” feels.
-it doesnt smell coconutty or tropical or anything we have come to expect, it kind of smells like a salon: like clean and producty but you can’t put your finger on the exact scent.
– the fact that it’s thinner than most masks does work in its favor as it makes for a good detangler, which you guys know, I need!
– it’s very gentle on the hair and feels moisturising

So overall opinion: it’s a good mask especially when used as instructed, under a plastic cap with some heat applied, my hair felt very soft and detangled. (label included because I know how you guys)



Curl Connection Hair scalp and hair butter

– the texture is very thick and creamy, very much like body shop, body butter
– it’s got a lovely sweet smell which I really enjoy
– my wash and wear was a complete fail with this, it felt too thick and my fair looked very lifeless
– my win with this came when I decided to try out finger coils
– my coils were moisturized and glossy and lasted for seven days (the curls become less neat and need to be fluffed out but the definition is definitely there)

So overall opinion: the cream is very thick and you can feel some residue on your hair but it looks really good and moisturizered and the definition is amazing

– If you are in Port Elizabeth and want to try out Curl Connection it is exclusively available at Serenity Hair in Moffett On Main lifestyle center

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