How to encourage creativity in your toddler/preschooler

There is no doubt that Aidan has a strong creative side whether he is making up stories to tell me, making up songs to sing, painting or taking pictures, it is a big part of who he is at the moment.
Creativity is a great skill to have, it opens you up to a world of possibilities so I try to encourage this side of him…(without ignoring the other sides naturally)As I’m not a trained teacher or child psychologist the following 10 tips have not gone through clinical trial 🙂 It is just what I believe as a “creative adult” and parent to a “creative child”.

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How to make dress-up boxing gloves

So why make dress-up boxing gloves? Well, Aidan is at a “LIKE YOU” stage. He wants to do everything Rob and I do. This includes boxing.
Please be under no illusions that I’m like a boxing person now.

Rob bought me a speed bag and showed me how to use it for stress relief. He himself has a punching bag and now Aidy wants in on the action with his inflatable doll thing that comes back up when you punch it – you know the type.

To make it more realistic I decided to make him some “dress-up boxing gloves” from felt here is how:

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How does one raise a reader?

In all honesty actual reading isn’t on top of my priority list at the moment, well not for Aidan at least.

He will be three soon and I don’t expect him to be reciting sonnets, but I do want him to love books and reading. There is something so special/magical/uplifting about being able to immerse yourself in the written word. Also you can then use sentences like “immerse yourself in the written word” quite successfully-hehe.

Right now I’m working on helping Aidan recognise letters of the alphabet, he is pretty much only interested in the letter A because A is for Aidan.

Here are 6 tips/games I’m using to get Aidan more interested in the other letters…

– I let him trace the letters using colourful stones or beads

– We play a treasure hunting game where we collect pictures (he loves taking pics) of objects that start with a specific letter… ants, apples, antelope (we don’t have antelope or artichokes) he suggested a picture of himself and of this blonde haired Aidan he met once.

– I let him go through my old magazines with a highlighter looking for specific letters

– I let him colour/paint/collage (you know this means tear off paper and  haphazardly glue onto letter right?) the letter of the week

– I use things like scabble or bananagram tiles and have him pick out the letter of the week

– At the end of the week I want to give him a felt letter signaling that he knows that letter now (just thought of that now-don’t you just hate me… we are heading to C now so I better get working on that)

We also read pretty regularly, very regularly. The Kid’sBookClub means we are building quite the collection. The service gives you the chance to build up a library that grows with your kid at the steal of R145 per month. That is two books and two magazines which is AWESOME.

Any more tips on raising a reader???? DO SHARE!

Make a snow-less snowball fight kit

I made a snowball kit and it’s a blast! I love making gifts for Aidan. I love that it’s something only he has and that I can put extra love into it without breaking the bank. He has a thing for hand made presents, he gets super excited “You made that just for me” so I’m going to exploit that while I can (before he wants the latest consoles and things)

Last year I made him STOCKING FILLERS which were really quick and easy and lasted him most of the year.

He has a thing for the movie Frozen (That craze just isn’t dying out hey) but all the frozen toys are either ridiculously girly or ridiculously pricey and although I don’t limit him when it comes to WHAT HE PLAYS WITH  I thought why not go out of the box and make him something “frozen related” instead. So I came up with this snow ball fight kit.

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