DIY pebbles for tracing shapes and letters

Today’s craft is super easy – like ridiculously so- but also super useful

Colourful “pebbles” which can be used for counting, tracing letters and shapes, playing tic-tac-toe and sorting (anything really).

I first came up with the idea when I noticed Aidan playing with the decorative stones in a candle holder I have at home.

As annoying as it was to have him dismantle my home for the third time that day, I realised that he was forming shapes and letters with the stones and it gave me an idea…

Why not make him his own stones to work with (please remember these are a choking hazard – I dont worry too much about Aidan because he has never been a “put in mouth” kid, even as a baby- I still supervise his play though…especially since he enjoys “sharing” with Caleb who on the other hand is a “put in mouth” kid )

So first step is to make sure the kid who will be using the pebbles can be trusted with small objects ¬†and even then, don’t take your eyes off the little ones when playing.

You need:
– Half glass marbles which are available at homeware stores, craft stores and decor aisles in supermarkets
-Nail polish in different colours

You do:
– Choose your marbles
– Choose your nail polish
– Paint the bottom of the marbles
– Leave marbles to dry
– crazy easy right

There you go, store in a little bag and you are ready to play

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