Three ingredient pancake FTW

Aidan’s all time favourite food is the humble pancake…I can’t tell you how it started or why the best pancake topping is apparently cream cheese, but he loves it and it is a way for me to get some protein in to him.

I always thought of pancake making as a whole long drawn out production but my mom’s three ingredients in a jar recipe has made this “Sunday morning treat” a wherever whenever occurrence.

This recipe makes like three big pancakes or 6 little ones

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Water saving ways to stay cool

Every one should be on a water saving mission at the moment…South Africa is currently experiencing a drought, following the lowest rainfall year recorded. There are water restrictions and water shutdown’s and at the same time IT IS HOT AS HECK OUT HERE!

It’s pretty tough to stay cool these days , especially for little kids, so I thought I would share some water free ways to beat the heat…

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Guilt Free Chocolate Pretzel Recipe

So with the diabetes diagnosis came a lot of life changes…some good, like fitting into pants that wouldn’t even come up past my thighs a few weeks ago and being more health conscious and some bad like the lack of baked goods, man I just want to stick my head into a donut! (is that a thing?) I’m resourceful though so I have come up with a few recipes that are not too bad like these “sugar free” chocolate covered pretzels


Here’s how I made the chocolate pretzels…

I used the Clicks Smart Bite Range because it tastes good, mostly sugar free and you can always get it on that 3 for 2 sale, this is not a sponsored post but if any of you want to sponsor me, I do take candy (sugar free) from strangers…

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Super Easy Seed Bar Recipe

justellabella seed bar recipe

Aidan is a  picky eater of note and his picky eating ways have made me a food ninja!

I used to be a food assassin, but he was on to me so I have joined the cloak and dagger world of the ninja (ninjas don’t wear cloaks, Eleanor – whatever! It works) any way I am now a food ninja who sneaks vitamins and extra calories into meals with the precision of a synchronized swimmer – my metaphors are all over the place hey.

Anyway I am a food ninja  and these seed bars are one of my secret weapons.

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Carb free birthday (burger) buns

Today in honor of my good friend Robyn’s birthday (you might remember her from the hair post  or the mommy post or from her foodie posts and numerous posts from when I used to go out and do things) I am sharing a yum recipe from her…. Cauliflower based burger buns HOW COOL IS THAT!

Burger with cauliflower roll served with sweet potato chips

What you need:
– A full cauliflower
– Two eggs
– salt and pepper to taste

How to:
Chop up cauliflower like you would for cauliflower rice
Microwave for 4 minutes
Drain out extra water (you can use paper towel for this
Mix in eggs and seasoning till smooth
Spoon out circles onto greased baking tray and bake for 10 min on each side


Foodie Friday: puffed rice parfait

The other morning I woke up wanting something fancy for breakfast.
Then I remembered that it was the end of January and lemon juice for my water could be considered fancy right about now.
But I am nothing if not resourceful and came up with a rice crispies parfait that was actually really yummy and would be awesome as a  sleep over breakfast 🙂

1/2 cup Plain/Greek yogurt
Table spoon of frozen berries (I freeze them when they are on special so I have for smoothies and such)
1/2 rice crispies (cause I eat children’s cereal….and win at adulting)

– Heat the berries so the that it’s not all frozen and you have a nice warm berry juice to flavour your yogurt(you can add a drop of honey to combat the tartness)
– layer: cereal, yogurt, then fruit
Tah DAH! !!!
Calorie wise this is 140cal 🙂 (fitness pal)