Water saving ways to stay cool

Every one should be on a water saving mission at the moment…South Africa is currently experiencing a drought, following the lowest rainfall year recorded. There are water restrictions and water shutdown’s and at the same time IT IS HOT AS HECK OUT HERE!

It’s pretty tough to stay cool these days , especially for little kids, so I thought I would share some water free ways to beat the heat…

Ways to beat the heat:
  • Stick sheets in the fridge or freezer before bed…preferably in a closed container/bag so your bed doesn’t smell of fish fingers
  • Wear lose fitting cotton clothes…this is much more breathable than synthetics .
  • Place a shallow bowl full of salted ice in front of your fan for a makeshift air conditioner…This creates a cool mist and you can refreeze ice a few times.
  • If you need to cool down fast, place a cold compress on your  pulse points at the wrists, neck, elbows, groin, ankles, and behind the knees.
  • Because hot air rises,  a mattress on the floor might be the coolest place to sleep.
  • Hanging a wet sheet in front of a open window is said to create a cool breeze.
  • Don’t be too active when it is extremely hot, so schedule that run for the evening instead of midday.
  • Keep your feet cool…this makes the world of difference when it comes to body temperature
  • Adjust your ceiling fan…make sure your ceiling fans are set counter clock wise. In general, you want your fan to run counter-clockwise at higher speeds in the summer to move a breeze around, and clockwise at lower speeds to help distribute heat in the winter.
  • Freeze fruit for healthy snacking…Aidan shares his favourite frozen treat on our YouTube channel today…please do subscribe and comment on what you would like to see us do next


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