How smart is your washing machine? (LG Smart Inverter review)

LG sent me a washing machine because my prayers for a new fridge must have been auto corrected (hehehe, joking, not joking). But in all honesty, when they asked me if I wanted to review the new Sapience Top Loader with Smart Inverter two things went through my mind.

1. MAMMA I MADE IT!!! LG knows who I am

2. How does one even test out a washing machine?

The machine arrived and it is stunning! good thing it’s stunning since my 15kg machine takes up most of the space in my kitchen…so as the newly elected centerpiece of the room I’m glad that I opted for the silver machine with its beautiful display and glass lid. It’s pretty streamlined, I just have a small kitchen and it’s replacing a tiny “three pairs of pants at a time” machine so the size difference is noticeable.

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Oh So Heavenly travel size … test off

I recently tried out the Oh So Heavenly Repair and Care with Argan oil and Royal honey and the results were in Stark contrast to my feelings about the Oh So Heavenly Love Your Colour with Berries and Camellia extract…

I’m going to share my honest opinion with you but do keep in mind that what works for me might not work for you. Hair is fickle and affected by things like climate and porosity and I dunno, star signs? who knows (professionals probably know) any who here are my findings.

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Diabetic friendly the lunchbox review (discount code)

I recently (currently as well) reviewed the lunchbox, a service that pre packs your snacks for the month and posts it to you (no extra charge). It became super popular with busy parents wanting healthier alternatives for their kids Then they realised adults needed to eat too and added the adult box , the banting box and the nut free box.

Due to my body’s aversion to sugar, I went for the banting box…and here is what I thought

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