My Baby Dove Panel Review Results…

So recently I attended the Baby Dove Launch in Cape Town. They flew me up for brunch like I was some sort of Kardashian, which I am not going to lie, was pretty awesome.

Now the thing is, I’m human, fly me to somewhere fancy and feed my face and my opinion could be swayed BUT I am also a journalist first and foremost so I thought, just in case I sound like I’m gushing for the sake of gushing I am going to let you hear more than just my opinion-fair right? (can I just say that I’m not saying any of the other moms would ever be swayed, they know what’s up, I just thought this would be a fun way to do it)

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Tabu Bar and Lounge in my opinion

We tried out Tabu Bar and Lounge at the Radisson Blu and found that fine dining with a view is totally possible without having to take out a loan.

The first time I saw Tabu Bar , I was a newly appointed reporter covering a photo shoot. The beautiful interior and amazing view made me think…One day Elle, one day you will move up from Wacky Wednesday at Steers and be able to eat at a place like this.

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Restoring my skin with Rain Africa

So Rain Africa has come to town (Walmer Park Shopping Centre to be exact) and I’m ridiculously excited, so excited I decided to try out three of their moisturisers to see if their handmade products made using natural ingredients with African origins could be the answer to my insanely dry skin.


When I say insanely dry I’m talking, chalkboard ashy. Winter really did a number on me, I have been looking into spa treatments in lieu of a skin transplant.

But before I could get around to it Rain Africa opened in Port Elizabeth and generously became sponsors of #ECMeetup. I had heard amazing things about them up to this point…Like:

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Win a beauty hamper for you and your bestie

I’m very excited to announce this bestie give-away, unfortunately it is only for my Nelson Mandela Bay readers because the main prizes are vouchers to be used at Walmer Park Shopping Centre.


As you know – through my various complaints – I’ve been going through a tough time lately. The thing that has kept me grounded is some amazing friends. Friends who I can lean on and vent to when adulting becomes a little hard.

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