How does store brand pull up pants compare? (Clicks Made 4 Baby Pants)

I was asked to review the Clicks Made 4 Baby Pants and I was rather surprised as my son is five and has this toilet thing pegged. However he was not the one they had in mind, they were curious about how the nappy pants would work with the busiest and tiniest member of our family Liam.

They sent two bags and I thought score now I can do a mini panel review.

I like getting other people’s opinions. Like I did with Dove, Glove-A-Bubble, Bubiroo and others.
So one pack of Clicks Made 4 Baby Pants went to my nephew Liam who always sort of looks like he has a snap chat filter on and the other pack went to Zain (my unofficial nephew and son of one of my closest friends – me and his mom have been through some ish lol)
Both boys are a year old. I think Liam is just about two months older. They are both extremely active but Liam has a smaller build than Zain.

With Liam, We noticed that the Clicks Made 4 Baby Pants kept him dry for pretty long, they were easy to use and he could play around with it pretty easily. The only negative was that on Liam’s small frame the nappy could look bulgy without being full…like you are always thinking he might need a change soon. Price wise it’s great and the tear able sides make it crazy convenient. His mom doesn’t see a big difference between this nappy and the pricier competitors, when it came to dryness and comfortably,  so it seems to be a win. Real talk, it has a slight smell when wet. Nothing pungent or off putting, but there is a faint “what’s that” smell, otherwise it’s really good.

This is what my friend Jenine had to say about the Clicks Made 4 Baby Pants on her son Zain…

As a parent of a toddler you have about one hundred and one things flying through your mind at any given time. One of those things is always nappies. So when Elle asked me to review the new Clicks Made 4 Baby Pants I was more than willing to give them a try. I’m always looking for nappies that are a little easier on the pocket but at the same time are good quality for my little angels’ tush. I’ve had a great experience with the Clicks Made 4 Baby Active Stretch Nappies and use them on a regular basis. So in my opinion how did the pants fair? The pants are soft to the touch with a good amount of stretch at the waist that ensures a good fit round the tummy and ease of putting on. The sides are easy to tear when you are ready to do a change which was awesome as I have a little man who loves to move around on the changing table. The pants did really well in terms of their powers of absorption and they even withstood a through-the-night session without any leaks 🙂 My one “complaint”…they are rather a snug fit; so rather go one size up from your usual nappy size when buying them. Once again the Clicks Made 4 Baby range has shown that they don’t cut back on their quality just because they cut back on their pricing.

So that is what we found… It seems that Clicks Made 4 Baby Pants stacks up pretty well against its competitors … have you tried it? What do you think

*PS. I was not paid for this review, they said, hey Ella do you want to give your opinion and I was like, Hells Yeah! I’m full of opinions, hehehe.

5 thoughts on “How does store brand pull up pants compare? (Clicks Made 4 Baby Pants)

  1. Farren says:

    I am a big believer of the Clicks brand. Bought these pull up for Malachi this month and it works actually better than another brand I used before.

  2. Ria says:

    Thanks for the review. I was wondering how these pants would do as I am looking at changing over to pants for my 2 year old who is potty training.
    I will definitely give this a try now.

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