We have a cool house and we know it (GMC Aircon review)

We finally have a cool house! I lie, it’s not cool, not with documentaries on the TV and the amount of lego related injuries reported daily. The temperature has dropped considerably though, which makes our house much cooler and am I ever grateful.

GMC Aircon sent me an AB630 Evaporative cooler (for review purposes) recently and I’m excited to let you know what I think.

I have had the cooler since last month, but as luck would have it, it’s been cold recently. Like WTH Murphy and your annoying law WTH? I needed to have a warm house to see if I could achieve a cool house, obvi, so I waited it out. But let’s be honest you NEVER have to wait long in my neck of the woods.

I live in Uitenhage, just outside Port Elizabeth, ask ANYONE from around here. IT GETS HOT AS HECK. What adds overheated insult to hot flash injury is the way our place is set up. We have a flat metal roof, so sometimes we wake up in a sauna and it is not as luxurious as it sounds.

To combat spontaneous combustion, we have an air conditioning unit in our main living area. Our tv room/playroom. The room we don’t let visitors into unless we are “friends like that”. The Aircon is cool (excuse the pun) but since that’s a pretty big area, it doesn’t cool much more than that area, I mean if I sit at a specific angle in my craft room I can catch a “cool by association” type breeze, but it’s not the best set up.

The GMC Aircon has been such a help. I will be honest, it’s not whisper-quiet in fact it sounds like the breeze it creates. It’s not obnoxiously loud but you can hear the ocean on it’s highest setting, but apart from that, I can’t really find fault. Oh I did pick it up with one hand instead of using the “there for your convenience” wheels and handles and I spilled water on my foot, but that’s more my fault than theirs.

What I really like about the unit is that the electricity costs haven’t shot up from using it. My electrician father was saying that this is due to something about it using ambient energy and not a compressor something-something.

According to the site,  the AB630 has given me a cool home by pulling in air with its fan and then passing it through a set of cooling pads inside where the air is cooled via evaporation and released back into the room.  What sets this unit apart is that it has an air ionizer that cleans and filters the air as it cools it down. (Negative ions are said to reduce the effects of depression and increase alertness, so I am certainly not mad at it)

The real win on this unit is how portable it is, I can lug it around (using the wheels, Eleanor) and have it be in my craft room, or Aidan’s room, or our bedroom with no mess or fuss (except the time I was dumb and spilled water in my shoe). But using it with the wheels I have had no issues since.  It is currently cooling my lounge as I type this and because of the handy remote, I can control the comfort setting, the speed, the swing, the cooler, ions and the timer. The large LED display is super handy with this because despite being pretty “sight challenged” I can see it across the room.

The super light and surprisingly sturdy units are very pretty as can be seen here on my side by side pictures of my old school standing fan and the AB630.

It looks sleek and fancy and actually has given us a bit of a cool home situation.  The unit sells for R1849, has free delivery and a 2-year warranty. For more information check their site.

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