Testing inexpensive kitchen gadgets

I have a thing for gadgets, Aidan as well, we watch a lot of gadget reviews on YouTube and inexpensive kitchen gadget hunting has become a bit of a mom/son activity. The focus is usually on inexpensive kitchen gadgets because another thing we have in common is misplacing things…

inexpensive kitchen gadgets

I thought it might be fun to share our latest acquisitions. These three items are available at Pep Home and Crazy Store. Different brand names but pretty similar and are under R20 each.

I tested each of our inexpensive kitchen gadgets individually and this is what I came up with.

Lemon Slice Tea INFUSER

tea infuser

What it does

Make a cup of loose leaf tea without the hassle of a infusing  tea pot

How it does it

You fill the little silicone lemon (I also have the little man infuser) , close it up and let it seep in your cup.

What I think

It works pretty well, but I won’t lie, the smaller leaves do get through, but honestly this happens with my more expensive infusers as well. I might just learn to read tea leaves…But all in all it is rather nifty and makes for a cute gift with a box of loose leaf tea.  It does what it says it will do, clean up is a bit of a pain though. But that’s the price you pay if you forgo the tea bag.


Colour changing eggtimer

colour changing egg timer

What it does

Helps you make eggs to your specific needs

How it does it

Just put the timer in the water with your eggs and boil, then take out when the orange egg turns yellow at the level you need

What I think

It works pretty well, honestly, I love this thing. I realise that each one of these is a teeny bit different (I’ve had two before this one) so I suggest doing a test with a few eggs and noting where your ideal hardness is. As you can see with each of my eggs I could have left it in another minute, so now I know to go to the 1.5 mark instead. Once you know your little timer you will LOVE this thing as much as we do.


Round Ice cube mould

What it does

It  makes ice balls, I’m not sure when I would need ice balls, but if I ever need them, I can make them pretty easily. I’m thinking it would look super cute with edible flowers inside.

How it does it

Open the little silicone latch at the top, fill it with water, or any freezable liquid and stick in the freezer

What I think

It does what it says it will, it makes ice balls. When I first took it out I struggled to get it out of the mould and thought it was going to be a super fail, however, leaving it on the counter to melt slightly loosened it up quickly. Aidan could pop it out by himself which is saying something.


  • I think our little haul was quite successful and I got them all for under R60. These were from Pep Home, I have seen them at The Crazy Store for around the same price and at online stores where you will pay way more for them, but the quality might be better. I can’t be sure because as I said, my focus was on inexpensive kitchen gadgets. If you know of something I should be testing out let me know in the comments.

One thought on “Testing inexpensive kitchen gadgets

  1. Charlene says:

    I MUST tell you about my ice cube mould experience….!
    So, we NEVER have ice because my husband insists we don’t have space for ice bakkies (that’s a story for another day)
    I popped into Pep Home last week and found these cute ice cube moulds.
    Cant wait to get home…fill em up and wait to freeze. Now here comes the funny (read omg are you an idiot) part!
    I take them out and pop a balletjie into my glass of wine. As in the ENTIRE plastic contraption!!
    I cant even
    Just cant. No one was home to witness my moment of insanity thank you Laaaawd

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