Have you checked out your #2016bestnine yet?

Have you checked out your #2016bestnine yet?

Social media is what people want you to see, it’s edited, tweaked and sometimes even staged.

It’s interesting to see what people respond to though…which pictures and posts get the hearts…

There’s this pretty cool site called #2016bestnine which will show you what people liked last year and it can give you insight into your followers and what it is you are sharing.

But in the interest of honesty here are the stories behind my #2016bestnine
  • 1 – I  was honestly just showing off my head wrap. Nothing fancy, I was using my phone as a mirror – as I sometimes do – and I thought, hey this head wrap is not too bad and 98 people agreed.
  • 2 – I had business cards made, they are very vague because my business is very fluid. I like to keep things interchangeable. 96 people liked my new cards.
  • 3 – Working from home was tough with Aidan not at school/day care. He didn’t quite get why I couldn’t spend the whole day playing with him. At times like these I log off and hang out with him a little. It makes all the difference. 86 likes for this one.
  • 4 – Some weekend work. I work outside sometimes just so I can get some work done while watching Aidan and Caleb play. 86 people thought this was a good idea.
  • 5 – This was our eight year anniversary. I did a throw back  post to how we looked back in the day… Babies! we were babies… 83 likes.
  • 6 – Our trip to Uncle Jumbo’s  Christmas party was such a success. It is officially on our yearly Christmas list… 81 ppl agreed.
  • 7 – This picture is deceptively beautiful. He is actually totally sulking in this picture, and insisted on pulling his dino socks up as high as he could because he doesn’t like “naked legs” His tantrum got 80 likes.
  • 8 – I had so much work this day, in fact I was working in this picture, checking emails when Aidan decided to come help me out. 80 people liked this fail, hehehe.
  • 9 – This was when we were scouting venues for the #ECMeetup. We ended up using the Athenaeum , pictured here…79 people thought this was a good idea.

These were my most popular pictures for last year…Why not follow me on instagram for more

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